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Sine Cera Movement is:

sincerity – it invites a pause from the struggles we are so devoted to. it somehow opens the soft and silent place of awe.

vulnerability – a willingness to be seen, with our deepest flaws to our brightest awes – from the awesome to the awful.

“the heart after years of secret conversing speaking out loud into the clear air”.

to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart – the original definition of courage.  an invitation to lift up our hearts

a thread of humanity which connects us through our clarity and confusion, willingness and resistance, awkwardness and grace.

a spiritual practice of intimacy with ourselves, each other, all others and with life.

a call to liberate our bodies and open our hearts toward becoming our tender, compassionate, alive and engaged selves.

authenticity – less defending more availablilty, less pretending more veracity, less offending more equanimity.

an invitation to move from numbness to vibrancy, fixed to fluid, paralysis to presence.

a dissolution of and evolution from Spiritweaves.

anneli, michael and jaylan in an ongoing use of the practice of soul motion® and open floor – grace generosity gratitude.

story behind sine cera

to understand the practice of sincerity, we need to look at the more human side of its challenge, which brings us to another definition of what it means to be sincere. if we trace the word itself, we return to roman times, where the western form of the word originated. it comes from the latin sine cera, meaning “without wax.” during the italian renaissance, sculptors were as plentiful as plumbers, and markets selling marble and other stones were as prevalent as hardware stores.  the cost of raw marble, limestone or granite was higher if the stone was seen to be unblemished, without cracks, smooth, perfect. frequently, stone sellers would fill the cracks in flawed stones with wax and try and sell them as flawless. the wax covered the cracks and made the stones seem more perfect. there were however, a few merchants of integrity. they did not wax their stones in order to cover the cracks. they displayed them just as they were. thus, an honest stone seller became known as the “without wax” or “sine cera” merchants –  one who showed his stone without wax, cracks and all.

and it wasn’t long after that the metaphor and the analogy came to be that an honest person, a sincere person didn’t, doesn’t, hide the flaws in their humanity, doesn’t hide the cracks in their character or their heart, doesn’t hide their flaws. for without the places cracked and softened by experience and time, we remain too hard and fixed to be affected by life.  being sincere, not hiding the cracks in our humanity or the flaws in our character or the wounds that we carry is essential both for the integrity of relationships [and] because that is how everything larger than us can enter us and heal us and give us resilience.

so if we want to extract what is essential from life, through the gill of our heart, if we want to become more sincere, we need to recognize the ways in which we are disheartened and develop personal practices for how to move to what heartens us. to move from what puts us asleep—not to eliminate what puts us asleep, not to eliminate what numbs us, not to eliminate what distracts us—but how to move from what’s distracting to what’s essential, from what is sleep-giving to what is wakeful, from what is numb to what is alive.

how to lean into life when experience and pain and suffering and loss push us away.

the light within is made so that it comes alive between us. so sincerity, being authentic, holding nothing back, staying awake, all of these things are part of sincerity, which allows us to manifest the light within us.

the tibetans have a mythic belief that speaks to this. in tibetan lore, a spiritual warrior – one who faces life on earth as a path of transformation – always has a broken heart, for it is through the crack that the eternal mysteries enter. when we fill the cracks we not only misrepresent ourselves (for everyone has cracks), but we also shut down the possibility of contact with the eternal mysteries, and so, shut down the possibility of our own transformation.

thus, in order to be a person of integrity, a sincere person, do not wax your cracks. present yourself to the world as you are, masks removed, imperfections or cracks in plain sight.

about us

anneli & michael first received each other dancing and felt that embrace in which two souls re-fuse to become one again. in october of 2011 they were blessed with the ultimate miracle; his name is jaylan kyan and he is the physical expression of their living love.

michael and anneli are living their dream inspiring people to re-disover and settle into their entire self through conscious movement.  they meet life and people with a passion and vulnerability that offers permission to embrace our nature and personal truths. they truly, madly, deeply love life.

they currently have found their way to the pacific northwest where they are nestled in the sanctuary of the olympic forest, surrounded on 3 sides by puget sound, an inlet of the pacific ocean, with snow capped mount baker and mount rainier in the background.  they have been embraced by the community of port townsend and individually and collectively as a family they are their most vibrant and vital selves.


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