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you can contact us either by emailing us below or call us at 310.839.3187.


we deeply appreciate that you have allowed us into your life.
we celebrate you and the movement moments which have brought us together on this journey.

our prayer is that we continue to walk the bridge that connects the disparate parts of ourselves, walk the bridge that connects us to each other, to all others and where finally we remember that our spirits are woven into the all one.

we invite you to wander with us into the center of who we are, to dance our truth, together.


em claire says;
do not pretend that the longing
has not also lived in you,
swinging like a pendulum.
you have been lost,
and thieved like a criminal
your heart
into that darkness.
but life is tired, deep friend,
of going on
without you.
it is like the hand of the mother
who has lost the child.
and if you are anything like me, you have been afraid.
and if you are anything like me,
you have known your own courage.
there is room in this boat:
take your seat.
take up your paddle, and all of us
– all of us –
shall row our hearts